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"Jonathan gave me some

excellect sources to

use in my exam"

You invest so much time, money and effort on your education that it is vital to get the best support you can. That is what Consensus can do for you! Students can often feel isolated, unsupported, de-motivated and unconfident. If you are looking for support to develop your knowledge or understanding, or just need pointing in the right direction then I can help you to achieve.

I work on small projects as well as weekly study sessions, A-level exam practice to study skills, final dissertations to first year essays. However, this year I have also been developing academic practice of people working within Criminal Justice, as the demand for degrees is getting stronger. Most of my work is online and so I can reach you anywhere where there is Wi-Fi. I like to use text, e-mail and skype to help students and much of this can be done cheaply and with equipment you already have.

I am a qualified lecturer and Tutor on top of the work I do with Consensus. As a former Police Officer I have actually witnessed, investigated and dealt with many of the issues that you will cover, which inspired and helped me to study at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. My subject specialisms are Sociology, Criminology, youth justice and Police Studies.  

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Jonathan South MA, BA (hons), Pcep (YJ)